"I purchased a ShedRain umbrella for my daughter who lives and works in NYC two years ago.  Two weeks ago I replaced it.  She had worn it out,  She carried it with her everyday and used it frequently, like most city dwellers she walks a lot an depends on your product.  Her friends went through many umbrellas made by your competitors during this time and were very impressed by your product.  I purchased another for my wife and one for myslf.  Thank you for making such a great quality product that delivers what it promised." T. Rudnitski

Stories? Comments? We'd love to hear from you. Email us.“Here on my campus, it seems to always be very windy, probably due to the flat land surrounding it. If you carry a $5 umbrella with you on a rainy day, you'll find yourself tilting it this way and that way, just to make sure the wind doesn't caught inside of it. With the ShedRain umbrella, this effect completely disappeared. The ShedRain doesn't seem to have any trouble dealing with wind. Plus, the automatic open/close feature on the umbrella really makes life a bit simpler. Overall, if you're in need of a good umbrella, this product is the way to go.” - Carol Schmid

" I wasted too much money buying cheap umbrellas that broke after the first hard rainstorm. This little umbrella is easy to pack and resistant...a perfect addition to any bag." E. Waldon

I bought this umbrella for a trip I made to Japan. During the 3 weeks I was there, I encountered parts of 2 typhoons. This umbrella was great! It worked really well in heavy rain and strong wind. It was also really nice to be able to hang it from my Velocity 6 camera bag when it wasn't raining." Peter Mulligan 

“ This is a very nice mini umbrella, and does auto open AND close. It has a very thick sturdy shaft, and is made with semi-flexible spars that bend in the wind and prevent the umbrella from becoming a sail. It also has a vent hole on top, so in all it is quite stable in high winds. It is not the lightest umbrella ever, due to its sturdy construction, but it is light and small enough to carry around all the time in a backpack or briefcase no problem. I'm quite satisfied with this product. My only complaint would be that the button is kind of hard to push for auto-close, so if you have a weak grip you might want to try an umbrella with a more sensitive mechanism. On the other hand, this does effectively prevent accidental closures.” - D. Lanzanatella

I got sick of having one umbrella after another get wrecked in the wind, get blown inside out, fall apart, fabric ripping, cheap parts rusting, etc. When I thought about it, I realized I bought few of these... I got most at promotional events like golf tournaments, or when donating to charities. The ones I had bought were in emergency situations in NYC when it started pouring and I'd duck into the closest drug store for a $10 model. Which would soon fall apart. So I decided to buy a "real" umbrella and got this one. What a difference! It's actually built like a somebody cared; it just feels like it's well made. I've only used it a couple of times, but I'm pretty confident that I'll have this for many years (or until I leave it somewhere which has also happened many times). I recommend this - it's my first "professional" umbrella! By the way, I think this would make nice, unusual gift for someone. I wouldn't normally think of giving an umbrella as a gift, as I have previously associated them with disposable, cheap products. But I think most people probably don't have a good umbrella, and it's one of those gifts that a person may first think, "He gave me an... umbrella?", but years later would appreciate it much more than another bottle of wine." - S. Waterson  

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