Global Social Compliance


Since 1947 we have established an enviable reputation in our industry because of our consistently high standards. Our good name is the result of dependability and honesty in dealing with our customers while providing them with superior products at fair prices.

Our team members are the number one reason for our continued success. We are committed to a workplace that adheres to all legal, fair and decent labor practices in an environment where our employees are happy and challenged. ShedRain's commitment to these standards also requires that our global suppliers provide the proper working conditions for their workers by adhering to the Workplace Code of Conduct of the Fair Labor Association.

Safety and Quality Standards

ShedRain® has a responsibility to assure that our products are safe for intended use. During all phases of development and production, safety and quality are the most important elements in the design of our products. We refer to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), ASTM International, AATCC, and other global organizations, for standards that are relevant to our products.

ShedRain® regularly engages independent testing laboratories such as Bureau Veritas, SGS and Intertek to certify our products meet or exceed established safety and quality standards.


We are dedicated to the environment and finding new sustainable resources that will provide more efficient technology, processes and procedures throughout our organization.

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